PPP Loan Forgiveness

Over the Paycheck Protection Program's length, American Momentum Bank has approved over 2,305 applications representing $408.2 million of PPP loans. Our clients have concluded their covered period forgiveness terms and are in the program's forgiveness request phase.

If you are a first time PPP borrower and applied for a PPP Loan in 2021, OR if you are a borrower who had already received a PPP loan in 2020 from another lender and received a second draw PPP loan in the year 2021 from American Momentum Bank -

  • A portal invitation was sent out on Thursday, September 23. This link allows you to register your loan on the portal and then apply for the PPP forgiveness through the portal. Please register at your earliest convenience, as the invitation will expire.

  • Be sure to check your spam and junk email folder for this message in case the message with your registration link is moved to a folder outside your inbox. Once you receive your link, open the link using a browser other than Internet Explorer, as Internet Explorer is not compatible with the application portal.

If you are a borrower who had already received a PPP loan in the year 2020 from American Momentum Bank and received another PPP loan in the year 2021 -

  • Since you previously registered in the portal and submitted your 2020 PPP loan forgiveness application, you can return to the portal and apply for your Second Draw loan forgiveness.

Please note that we cannot provide counsel concerning the forgiveness provisions of the PPP. It is recommended that you consult with your attorney and/or CPA as more guidance is made available by the Small Business Administration (SBA). You may also visit the website for the U.S. Department of Treasury and the SBA for more information.

Thank you for continuing to choose us as your financial partner, and please, contact your American Momentum Bank commercial lending officer or local banking center manager if you have any questions.

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